The role of the Olds Health Care Fundraising Committee is to:

  • Take a lead role to enhance health care in our community
  • Raise funds for health care needs in Olds
  • Ensure funding is utilized to enhance health care needs
  • Strengthen awareness about raising funds for health care needs
  • Create a single point of entry for donations

The Fundraising Committee is composed of:

  • 4 community members from the area of Olds
  • 1 representative from Olds Hospice and Palliative Care
  • 1 representative from Olds Community Health Services
    (who represents one of regional public health, community care, community rehab and mental health services)
  • 2 Olds Hospital & Care Centre members
  • 1 Olds Hospital & Care Centre Site Manager
  • 1 Olds Site Medical Director
  • 1 Olds Hospital & Care Centre Auxiliary representative
  • 1 Wetaskiwin Health Foundation Representative

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