Press Release May 25th 2017

The Olds Health Care Fundraising committee would like to welcome you all here today.  As you may know we had planned on releasing this information this evening at a meeting of the Olds 100 club.  This event was cancelled out of respect for the memorial service of Dot Negropontes who recently passed away and was a pillar of the community.  We are thus holding this conference here at the Hospital today.  The details of today’s release will be sent to the members of the 100 club who had planned on attending the meeting this evening.

In January of 2017 the Olds Fundraising Committee held a long term planning meeting along with several other key health stakeholders from the community.  It was determined by the committee at that time that the needs of the community and the hospital had changed and that it was time for the Olds health Care Fundraising Committee to become a larger partner in the community and in the healthcare of all who live in Olds and surrounding area.  In response to that decision we announce the following today:

The Olds Health Care fundraising Committee is pleased to announce its first annual capital campaign.  Our first campaign will focus on acute care areas of the Olds Hospital and Care Centre, with a focus on adding technology and new equipment to improve patient care and increase the life saving capacity of the hospital.  This year’s campaign pledges to raise and donate $300,000 of new equipment to the Olds Hospital and Care Centre.

The campaign will specifically look to add the following new equipment to the hospital.

  • 2 new bariatric stretchers for day surgery
  • 1 new bariatric Trauma Stretcher for the emergency department
  • 8 new vital signs monitors for acute care and emergency departments.
  • 1 new Portable Ventilator for the emergency department
  • 1 New Labor and Delivery bed for Obstetrics
  • 1 New Ice machine for the emergency Department
  • 1 New Space Lab Cardiac monitoring system which would include 2 new cardiac monitors for the trauma rooms in the emergency department and 1 for the nurses’ station.

This new equipment will greatly enhance the services that are offered at the Olds Hospital and Care Centre.  It will allow for greater life saving capacity and increased patient care.

As this campaign is a large step forward for the Olds Healthcare Fundraising Committee we will need the communities continued support.  This campaign will run from June 1 2017 to May 31st 2018.

We are grateful to the following donors for kick starting this campaign and allowing us to undertake a campaign that is over double anything we have ever tried before.

The estate of Mary Ellen Hunt which has so generously donated $150,000 towards this campaign

The Estate of David Charles Kruger which has so generously donated $25,000 towards the purchase of the new labor and delivery bed.

The remaining $125,000 remaining will need to be raised through grants, donations, the 100 Club and a signature event.  We also are a part this years Wings and Wheels lottery to raise funds for our campaign.

This year’s campaign for the Olds 100 club is focused on raising $30,000 for the 3 stretchers that need to be purchased.  In order to accomplish this we will need an additional $15,000 raised through this year’s radiothon on June 13th.  The club currently has $15,000 to put towards the project.  Last year the campaign had 100 people participate, this year we would encourage an increase of 50 people to participate and become part of the club.  We are grateful to all those who have supported this club over the last two years and hope they will continue to support us as we try and improve healthcare in the Olds area.

Our campaign will conclude in May of next year with our new signature event.  We will announce further detail on that event in the future but we will let a little detail out today.  Our signature fundraising event will be the 1st annual Olds Healthcare Barn Dance.  We look forward to the community joining us at this event for a good cause and a good time.

We invite all to become involved in this new and exciting campaign to improve healthcare in Olds.  For details on upcoming events, the lottery or how the fundraising is going you can visit