We are excited to share how your donations are making a difference!

Local Twins First to Use Donated Infant Incubator

Back in December 2009, staff at Olds Hospital & Care Centre had just received training on their newest piece of medical equipment – a new incubator donated by longtime Olds resident Alex Zec.  Olds Hospital is a Level 1 healthcare facility which means that high risk deliveries are not electively performed  there.  However, on occasion there is no time to transfer an expectant mother to another hospital and staff must be prepared to care for infants until neonatal teams from Red Deer or Calgary arrive.

In January 2010, Didsbury resident Lindsey Dietz went into labor with twins.  Delivery of the twins was planned for Calgary, however it soon became evident that the babies would have to be delivered in Olds.  Jacob and Ethan were born at the Olds Hospital & Care Centre and became the first infants to use the newly arrived incubator.

The incubator allowed staff to maintain proper warmth and humidity for the 5 lb, 2 oz and 5 lb, 10 oz babies.  While the newborns did extremely well and did not require oxygen supplementation, the incubator is capable of monitoring and adjusting oxygen levels as needed.

Big sister Seraiah has a blast with her brothers.  She loves to direct their play….while Mom Lindsey and Dad Ryan are keeping busy!  The family felt blessed that the incubator was available and contributed to the infants ability to stay in Olds, avoiding a transfer to the city.  It was a bonus that the babies were also the 2010 Olds New Year’s Babies!

Back in 2009, Alex Zec approached hospital staff with his desire to give something back to the community he and his late wife Phyllis had made home since their marriage in 1961.  Both the Dietz family and hospital staff sincerely appreciate his gift!

PennWest Donates Plyo-Sled

PennWest Exploration recently approached managers at Olds Hospital wanting to donate rehabilitation equipment that could benefit local PennWest employees if needed.  Physiotherapist Liz Mills reports that the department has a good amount of equipment appropriate for the seniors population, however there is a gap in   equipment for the younger adult.  After consultation with Liz, PennWest decided to purchase a Plyo-Sled for the physiotherapy department in Olds.

A Plyo-Sled is used for strengthening both upper and lower extremities and is particularly useful in the younger adult who starts with a basic strength level.

Sobeys Olds Donates Infant Monitor

Local Sobeys owner, Rob Della Siega, wanted to raise money for the hospital.  Sobeys shoppers were able to make a small donation at checkout towards purchase of an infant monitor.  The store quickly raised the money needed for the monitor and presented the donation in October of 2009.

Thanks Sobeys and Sobeys shoppers for your generosity!