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Digital Donor Recognition

A meeting took place the week of November 1st, between Site Manager of the Olds Hospital and Care Center, Wayne Krejci and members of the Olds Healthcare Fundraising Committee::Sylvia Harder, Ed Hildebrand, Riyaz Abdulla, and Chairman Barry McCurdy. The meeting discussed the plan to transition to digital donor recognition.

The primary objective of this project is to install state-of-the-art digital displays that will not only enhance recognition but also allow us to express our sincere gratitude to our previous donors.

But that's not all! These displays will also serve as a captivating means of visualizing committee memberships, revisiting past projects, showcasing purchases, and providing a sneak peek into our upcoming events! Here's a question for you:

How do you believe these digital displays can help us deepen our relationships with the community and our cherished supporters? We eagerly await your ideas!

Stay tuned for our updates as we continue this exciting journey together!



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