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Operating Advancements

Over recent years Olds HealthCare Fundraising Committee has worked with Alberta Health Care and our community to provide equipment needs for various departments at Olds Hospital, and medical agencies in this area. To the right is our "Scale" purchase invaluable for preparing patients for surgery, and equipping staff with the information they need. Thank you to the Olds Hospital staff for agreeing to showcase this scale.

This year's Barn Dance event proceeds will go directly to the Operating Room Campaign. Buy your tickets right here on-line, drop by Hildebrand Motors or Re/Max ACA Realty or call (403) 318-9326.

In hopes to get a better idea of operational changes in the Operating Room, I caught up with Eva Boffey, a medical professional for 50 years, of which almost 45 were spent in this area, many assisting in the Operating Room at Olds Hospital.

Cindy: If you were to remark on one big change in Operating Room procedures over the years, what would that be?

Eva: Going from ordinary surgery to laparscopic surgery.

Eva went on to explain another big change has been the opportunity for Olds Hospital to broaden their surgical scope with orthopedics.

"The staff are top notch and really working on advancement. During COVID we did a great deal

of emergency surgeries for Red Deer patients, fractured ankles and wrists. It took me awhile to

learn how to do 'ACL's' and I love assisting with shoulder surgery. Olds Hospital should

be commended for their surgical program, it really is a big deal!"

Looking forward to this year's Barn Dance and Operating Room Campaign adventure and outcome! Thank you to everyone for your support. - Olds HealthCare Fundraising Committee



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